Brava By Brius (Hidden Braces)

Brava By Brius (Hidden Braces)

Brava is a novel technology that moves the teeth independently and can be used instead of traditional braces or aligners. This orthodontic appliance hidden behind the teeth can significantly reduce treatment time and allows for easier cleaning than traditional braces. It is also more comfortable than braces throughout treatment.  

Brava by Brius is a patented biomechanical back-of-the-teeth system that employs artificial intelligence and "Independent Mover" technology to provide independent and simultaneous movement of the teeth to achieve the patient's ideal smile. Brava by Brius is made up of a NiTi anchorage base and pre-programmed NiTi arms. Each tooth is connected independently to the base through a customized Brava bracket, allowing for individualized movement and control. The NiTi anchorage base acts as a shield, absorbing reactive forces that occur during archform adjustments, making them clinically insignificant. This remarkable feature sets Brava apart from traditional methods and places it in a category of its own among orthodontic systems. By programming specific forces and movements into each arm, Brava guides every tooth along an independent path toward its planned destination. At Knoxville Orthodontics, we are proud to offer this advanced treatment option to patients and recommend it for its many advantages compared to traditional options. 

Knoxville Orthodontics
Knoxville Orthodontics

Knoxville Orthodontics

Who Is a Candidate for Brava By Brius? 

Every smile is unique, and Brava by Brius orthodontic treatment caters to patients of all ages. Whether your child needs early intervention or you're a teen seeking a confident and perfect smile, we have the expertise to transform your teeth. Even senior citizens can benefit from our customized approach, as it's never too late to achieve dental harmony and enhance overall oral health. With Brava by Brius, everyone can enjoy the benefits of straighter and healthier teeth for a lifetime.

Brius braces are ideal for patients who are concerned about how braces would affect the appearance of their smile. They are also preferable if you do not require a detachable appliance like Invisalign. Brius, on the other hand, may not be perfect if you have a severe overbite. The bite may exert too much strain on the brackets, causing them to dislodge.

How Does Brava By Brius Work?

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Brava functions differently than regular braces or clear aligners. It uses “Independent Movers” technology to move each tooth separately. This means you can obtain results sooner than with traditional braces. You also won't have to hide your smile during treatment because the Brava appliance is hidden behind your teeth. While Brava does its job, your smile will remain unblemished. 

When you come to our office for Brava braces, our orthodontist will first scan your teeth to get a clear picture of your smile. We will then develop a treatment plan and create your own Brava appliance utilizing Brava's artificial intelligence. The Brava device will then be attached to the back of your teeth and secured to the hard palate of your mouth by our orthodontist. There is no need for further changes after the appliance is in place, though we will want to meet with you for frequent check-ups to verify your treatment is progressing smoothly. 

The Benefits of Brava By Brius 

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  • Brava is unlike braces or aligners. They are self-sufficient movers. 
  • Brava is a great technology that uses Brava software with AI to move teeth independently and concurrently. This method's pre-programmed biomechanics identifies the most effective approach to direct each tooth to its proper place.
  • The technique applies continuous mild force to the teeth. This method results in shorter treatment times and fewer appointments. 
  • Because it is attached to the back of your teeth, Brava is a more aesthetically pleasing teeth-straightening solution that allows you to improve your smile discreetly. 

If you are looking for a discreet and efficient orthodontic treatment solution, visit the best orthodontist in Knoxville, TN,  Knoxville Orthodontics at one of our three convenient locations in Knoxville, Tennessee, or call (865) 522-7572. 





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