Intraoral Camera

Intraoral Camera

Knoxville Orthodontics

To make sure we provide the right treatment for your smile, we use an intraoral camera to see all parts of your mouth and teeth. Call Knoxville Orthodontics today at (865) 522-7572 to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Kristin Knierim, and learn more about intraoral cameras in Knoxville, Tennessee.

We use a pen-shaped device known as an intraoral camera to take color, high-resolution photos of the inside of your mouth. The small size of the camera helps us to maneuver it more easily and see your smile from other angles, which helps us to have a better understanding of your oral health. With these images, we can also more easily diagnose dental and orthodontic issues. With the intraoral camera, we are able to better understand your smile needs and plan your orthodontic treatment to meet those needs, as well as follow up during the treatment process to check your progress.

Our use of the intraoral camera also benefits you in that the images we capture help you visualize your smile and better understand the condition of your oral health and how our orthodontic treatments can help your smile. These photos can also be sent to other orthodontists, dentists, and specialists as necessary, and they can also be sent to dental insurance companies for your convenience. We invite you to call our office to learn more about intraoral cameras and schedule an appointment with our orthodontists.

Advanced Technology


The advanced technology we use at Knoxville Orthodontics allows us to provide the most efficient orthodontic care possible.

Our advanced technology improves the accuracy of your treatment, which gives you better, lasting results.

Our advanced technology includes 3D printing, which we use to create custom orthodontic appliances that straighten your smile and maintain the alignment of your teeth for a more aesthetic appearance.

In combination with our technology, we develop a treatment plan created just for you and your smile.

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